A typical mindfulness practice would usually involve a sitting practice in the morning and evening. When we sit and practice mindfulness there are many tools we can use. Breath awareness, body awareness, loving kindness practice, pure awareness practice. A sitting mindfulness practice is not necessary to practice mindfulness. We can be mindful throughout our day. We can walk, talk, eat ,run and love mindfully. A sitting practice can be very beneficial however in solidifying mindfulness in our lives. It can become an anchor for us. A reminder when the stormy seas of live threaten to drag us away and into drama, suffering, pain.

Mindfulness is evidence based. Scientific studies have shown time and again that mindfulness, when practiced in a sustained manner produces numerous benefits. At My Mind and Me we believe mindfulness has the capacity to transform the lives of young people, and so transform the world.  The transformative power of mindfulness rests on the knowledge that mindfulness practice is possible for every human being on the planet. We can say that mindfulness is a skill every human can practice and master just as every human learns to walk, run, write, read. Through mindfulness we can unlock the qualities of being that can help buffer against the dysfunctional qualities of the human mind such as greed, power, jealousy, violence, hate, racism.  It is our vision that mindfulness practice will become the birth right of all future children of earth and so evolve the capacity of humans to become peaceful, fulfilled, and so alleviate the suffering of humanity.

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