At My Mind and Me we believe being a teenager or a young adult in the 21st century can be an incredibly challenging experience.

We also believe, through extensive involvement in working with teens and young adults, in their bravery, their creativity, and their strength, love and hope. Through our delivery of the SOMA programme we aim to help young people tap into their inner resources which will help them navigate their challenges, whilst also guiding them to touch the well spring of positive emotions that lie naturally within them.

We believe it is the birth right of every child in Ireland to have the possibility of leading a flourishing life.

the SOMA programme

The SOMA Programme at my mind and me is taken directly from For the last seven years the team at has been working with teenagers and young adults in a variety of settings Scotland. They have been exploring how to bring mindfulness to life for young people aged 12-15 at risk of dis-engaging from school, to 16-18 year olds in their final years of school, and also young men in prison. From this work they’ve developed the SOMA programme.

The Soma Programme is a mindfulness based well-being programme that can be tailored to suit the needs of students and schools. The course focuses on creating a safe, inclusive, sharing space where teens and young adults can discover ways to help them foster well-being and begin to take steps to leading a flourishing life.

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