Marty came to mindfulness in 2001 through the work of Eckhart Tolle and his ground-breaking book The Power of Now.  Throughout the years since then Marty has grown and nourished mindfulness in his experience through sitting practice, day to day, moment to moment, presence practice and also regular retreats.

In 2009 Marty returned to Education and completed a BA in Sociology and English and then an MA in Creative Writing. He then taught languages to children, teens and adults for over five years both here in Ireland and in Europe. Marty has published collections of short stories and poetry and has written for broadsheets here in Ireland on the role of mindfulness in depression and anxiety. His teaching experience inspired him to merge his passion for mindfulness and his drive for education. This came to fruition last year with the inception of

In 2017 Marty trained with in Scotland and received certification to teach their kids mindfulness programme. This curriculum for mindfulness is the foundation for educating primary school children through In 2018 he qualified to teach’s SOMA Programme for teens and young adults.

As the founding member of Marty holds the vision that all schools in the Twenty First Century must embrace a holistic view of educating children which embraces well-being. If we are to solve the prominent threats to the survival of humanity in this century we must educate children not only to become economic agents, but also to become citizens of the earth. Mindfulness plays a key role in fostering well-being due to the innate qualities that it brings about.