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The mindfulness programme for kids caters solely for primary school children. The course itself is drawn from the work of Youth Mindfulness.org, Scotland and their Mindfulness Kids Programme.

The Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme has been taught to over 25,000 children in 18 countries was featured in the United Kingdom All-Party Parliamentary Group Report: Mindful Nation UK, and is recognized as one of the leading mindfulness programmes in the UK for children and young people. Read more…

Mindfulness can be described as paying attention to the present moment, in a particular way, without judgement. When we practice paying attention to the now in a sustained and disciplined way many benefits arise. A clearer and calmer state of mind can be one these benefits but there are many others. Kindness, compassion, empathy for our fellow human beings, feelings of peace, joy, fulfilment, and even love can arise with mindfulness practice. What is significant about these benefits is how they arise naturally from within, seemingly without any event or external stimulus. This shows that mindfulness is innate to human beings and that the qualities that arise are too… read more

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Our mission holds, that is the birth-right of every child in Ireland, and beyond, to have the opportunity to lead a flourishing life. It logically follows, that to lead a flourishing life, children and young adults must cultivate and nourish a sense of well-being. Hundreds of studies now show that well-being is not determined by economic factors alone and that beyond a needs-based standard of living, economic gain becomes a non-determiner of happiness. With this in mind, it is imperative that we teach our children self-regulation, emotional competence, kindness and compassion. It is these qualities that are been shown to influence well-being and happiness far and above the ability of economic status. The ability of mindfulness to cultivate these qualities is now an irrefutable evidence-based outcome.

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